Nationally Designated Historic Site Yamagata Castle


Yamagata Castle VR/AR

What is Yamagata Castle VR/AR?

Yamagata Castle comes back to life in the modern age!

Experience Yamagata Castle in VR and take a commemorative photo with the Honmaru Palace in AR!

Yamagata Castle (Honmaru and Ninomaru) as it was in the past has been restored using digital technology.
You can view Yamagata Castle from various locations in VR, and the Honmaru Goten will appear on-site in AR.

Yamagata Castle VR/AR can be experienced in Kajo Park by visiting the park with your smartphone/tablet.
There are 8 VR spots and 1 AR spot in the park, which you can enjoy while strolling around.

The app can be used free of charge.
Please use the park's free Wi-Fi to download the app.
Communication fees outside the free Wi-Fi range will be charged to the user.

VR (Virtual Reality) is the reproduction of a virtual space on a screen as if it were real.
AR (Augmented Reality) is the reproduction of virtual buildings and other objects in the real world using the camera function of a smartphone or other device.

Yamagata Castle VR/AR

Enjoy Yamagata Castle VR/AR at Kajo Park!

The GPS function of your smartphone or tablet will allow you to download Yamagata Castle data when you enter Kajo Park.
Once downloaded, please activate the application at designated points while walking around the park.

  • STEP1
    STEP 1
    Launch the application and select Yamagata Castle by sliding left or right from the Japanese map or the introduction screen of each historical site.
  • STEP2
    STEP 2
    Once you have found Yamagata Castle, slide the screen down and press the "Nearby Information" button.
  • STEP3
    STEP 3
    The "Nearby Information" section introduces historic sites near the castle.
    If you click "Add to favorites", you will receive a push notification when you come near the registered location.
  • STEP4
    STEP 4
    When you arrive at Yamagata Castle, press the "Start" to open the map.
  • STEP5イメージ
    STEP 5
    When you arrive at the VR spot, the vr will change to vr. Pressing the vr button will start the Yamagata Castle VR.

Click here to download the app.

The "Street Museum" app is required for Yamagata Castle VR/AR.

It can be installed and used from a smartphone or tablet (iPhone/iOS or Android).
The app is free of charge, but communication fees may be charged by the user.

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