Nationally Designated Historic Site Yamagata Castle


Honmaru Palace

This is a CG reconstruction of the Honmaru Palace and other buildings of Yamagata Castle. The reconstructed Honmaru Palace replicates the appearance during the Edo period. The Honmaru Palace at the time was a key political facility of the Yamagata domain.

Background of CG production

Since actual reconstruction is currently not possible due to the lack of historical records of Yamagata Castle, the Honmaru Palace, and other buildings are being reconstructed in CG to promote the appeal of Yamagata Castle to a wider audience.

The CG are based on existing historical documents and created under the supervision of architectural historian Kiyoshi Hirai (Professor Emeritus at the Tokyo Institute of Technology). We plan to utilize VR and other technologies to provide content that can be enjoyed on-site in the future.

Appeal for historical documents

For the restoration and maintenance of the ruins of Yamagata Castle, historical documents related to Yamagata Castle are being sought.
We kindly ask for your assistance and to check if you have any old photos, drawings, or documents that could support the project.

If you have any information, please contact the following address.

Parks and Greenery Division, Urban Development Policy Department, Yamagata City
Phone: 023-641-1212 (ext. 529, 530)