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Yamagata City’s Summer is full of fun!

 "MARUGOTO" enjoy
the events and culture!



Located in the southern part of the Tohoku region of Japan, Yamagata City has long prospered from the safflower trade along the Mogami River. Nowadays, the quickly evolving capital of Yamagata prefecture is home to 250 thousand people and attracting a lot of domestic and overseas tourists every year.
Yamagata is famous for its scenery changing throughout the year, and in summer, hosts numerous sports events and festivals. That time of the year is known in the city as "MARUGOTO YAMAGATA IN SUMMER" for its many programs to experience sports and culture in Yamagata.
Make sure to come to Yamagata to participate in these events and discover the charms of the local culture and tastes of summer.



 山形市ではこの期間を「まるごと山形 inサマー」


                       Yamagata Hanagasa Fentival 山形花笠まつり


Festival ▶ 祭・フェス


Yamagata Hanagasa Festival
August 5 to 7 every year


Up goes the dashing chant of "YASSHO MAKKASHO!!"
The heroic boom of the Hanagasa drums echoes around nighttime Yamagata.  
Led by the flamboyantly decorated float of Zao Daigongen, decked out in charming festival costumes with their flowerhats decorated with safflowers, over 10,000 dancers are borne along on the rhythm of the Hanagasa chorus and magnificently dance through the night of summertime Yamagata.



Yamagata Grand Fireworks Festival
August 14 every year

Scores of vividly colourful fireworks decorate the summer night sky in this, the largest fireworks festival in Yamagata Prefecture.  Choreographed with music, the festival starts with a satisfyingly powerful display of fireworks and moves through a repertoire including 'Message Fireworks' where lovers propose and friends and family show appreciation to each other for commonplace kindnesses.  The audience is spellbound throughout.



Cultur ▶ 文化


Donno Tea Ceremony
4th Saturday and Sunday of June every year

A Japanese Tea Ceremony has been held each year since 1985 around the time that cherries are in season to commemorate the donation of stone wash basins and stone lanterns by a businessman, man of refined taste and renowned master of the tea ceremony of the Meiji and Taisho Era, Masuda Donno. As a formal tea ceremony it is called One of the Three Great Tea Gatherings of Japan.  This event is held at Seifuso, a designated tangible cultural property of Japan. It has a Sukiya-style public tea house called Hokoan and is set in a Chisenkaiyuushiki-style (walking in a garden around a pond) garden  called Momiji Park.  Many tea ceremony enthusiasts from all over Japan visit this tea gathering.  Recently, visitors from overseas also participate in this event.



Cherry Picking
Beginning of June to Beginning of July every year

In Yamagata Prefecture where 70 percent of Japan's cherries are produced, as early summer comes around, a harvesting experience is organised by tourist-friendly orchards.  Among the many varieties of cherries to choose from there is, of course the popular Satonishiki cherry.
In Yamagata City, the best time for cherries is around mid-to-late June. These little gems, so bright red, sweet and tart, are truly the taste of early summer.  By all means, please come and enjoy this deliciousness.




Sports ▶ スポーツ


Japan Eco Track No.14 Area Yamagata Zao
ジャパンエコトラック NO.14  エリア山形蔵王


The Japan Eco Track travel program helps visitors to feel the richness and variety of nature in Japan while also enjoying the history, culture and people of each region through trekking, kayaking, and cycling.
In summertime in Zao, we admire the pretty alpine flowers, proudly represented by komakusa (dicentra peregrina) as we head toward the summit of Mt Zao. In addition to a traversing path heading toward the Sasaya Pass and the northern summits of this area, there is also a ropeway and skycable.  There is a route in place that takes one from trekking around the Okama crater lake down to Zao Onsen.  We hope you enjoy both the region's culinary delights and onsen while you are at Zao.